Do you want to optimize your water management and look for professional help? Do you need to process water according to your requirements or design technological options of wastewater recycling?

Based on the data provided or personal visit, we will propose a solution that suits your needs best.

In this area, we offer:

  • Description of the existing water management system, volume and qualitative balances of individual water flows in the premises.
  • Assessment of alternative solutions of water treatment and recycling.
  • Definition of objectives, technological scheme, links to the existing system and basic economic parameters for decision-making processes.
  • Proposal of possible laboratory and pilot tests to improve the project safety.

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"Fast and effective innovations are our basic strategy"

In the area of engineering, we offer:

  • Case studies, feasibility studies and assessment of the applicability of membrane processes,
  • water management audits and water management with a comprehensive approach,
  • technological support in project preparation,
  • project and design of membrane devices,
  • project and basic design of turn-key technological solutions,
  • piloting processes and technologies,
  • technological audits of membrane technologies,
  • optimization of the operation of membrane separation processes and technologies,
  • consulting and advisory services of warranty and post-warranty operation.

Turnkey production and delivery

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Care program

In this area we offer:

  • bidding and implementation phases of orders
    • we offer piloting processes and technologies in the bidding phase,
    • we offer technological consulting in the phase of project preparation and implementation,
    • we offer support for assembly and launch at the installation of our equipment and technologies,
    • we offer professional operator training as an integral part of our deliveries.
  • we offer technological services throughout the operational phase of technology in the scope
    • possibility to use SW and services of the electronic service book MINT®-iBOOK,
    • remote management and archiving of operational data incl. comments and recommendations to operational conditions – "prevention of emergency situations",
    • consulting and advisory services of warranty and post-warranty operation,
    • technological audits of the operation, which includes our delivery.

Electronic service book MINT®- iBOOK

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Intelligent control system IQ-MINT®

  • IQ-MINT® is a self-optimizing and self-learning control system for NWG membrane technologies.
  • The system sets the optimum operating parameters of the technology in real time, with an emphasis on the operating costs, effective production of treated water (permeability and recovery) and membrane life.
  • The system warns about the limit operating states of the equipment and prevents operating risks and accidents.
  • The system includes remote management of the equipment with transfer and recording of operating parameters to a computer or cloud.
  • The system also recommends the optimum servicing intervals with respect to the service life of the technology.
  • There is also a possibility to use integrated technological units (ZLD, MLD).

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