Container systems

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Why to choose container systems?

  • Mobile solutions of processes and technologies for water treatment and recycling.
  • Unified modular system suitable for most water sources, producing high quality drinking or process water.
  • They usually allow respond to seasonal fluctuations and changes of the quality of water sources.
  • Design compactness into standard-sized ISO containers with the possibility of tempering or air conditioning.
  • Easy transport and connection to the existing technological system, water source and distribution of drinking water.
  • Minimization of construction work costs, fast delivery and commissioning.
  • Automated operation with minimum requirements for operation and possibility of remote access.
  • Possibility of temporary utilization at places of need with different climatic conditions.
  • Offer of independence on the water supply, resolution of capacity requirements and extraordinary emergency situations.

Preconditions for the installation of container systems:

  • Proximity of a suitable water source
    • surface water,
    • groundwater,
    • wastewater for recycling.
  • Access road for container delivery, replenishment of chemicals and operation.
  • Solid and flat area for container installation.
  • Electric power source.
  • Wastewater can be discharged into the sewer or accumulated for subsequent disposal.

In the field of container systems, we offer:

  • Provision of inlet water analyses.
  • Pilot testing for special applications.
  • Assessment of the installation suitability of container technology.
  • Technological support during the project preparation and during the incorporation of customer accessories to the standard design.
  • Unified compact design in standardized 10" and 20" ISO containers.
  • Project solution of the container system according to specific customer requirements.
  • Comprehensive deliveries, assembly and commissioning of turnkey container technology.
  • Remote management of technology.
  • Technological support during operation, maintenance services – CARE Program.

We offer modular comprehensive technology for water treatment and recycling in one container. modular comprehensive technology

In addition, we offer mobile container designs of the following technological processes for water treatment and recycling:

Basic offer of processes for the MINT® container systems:

  • ultrafiltration (UF),
  • nanofiltration (NF)/reverse osmosis (RO).

container system

Expanded offer of processes for the MINT® container systems:

  • hybrid processes in one device,
  • comprehensive technological units,
  • integrated membrane systems.

We resolve these container systems in turnkey projects according to our customers' requirements.

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