Ensuring high-quality water remains a priority

A few months ago, we asked ourselves whether humanity would be able to cope with climate changes, especially those with a significant impact on the dwindling sources of high-quality water for both people and economic activity. The issue of drought and water shortage was discussed everywhere and had become, for most top officials, a key issue to be resolved in the coming months and years.

However, today’s world is covered up with facemasks and respirators, and most people and companies are seeking or manufacturing these essential aids due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is completely logical! It is all the more important now to emphasize that, even in the pandemic situation, water shortage and drought will continue to threaten our environment and economy. Therefore, it is our duty to protect and preserve enough clean and healthy water.

Compared to some developed countries (South Korea, Singapore, Israel, USA, Germany etc.), we have significantly less applied modern filtration technologies on the basis of membranes for water treatment and recycling. Membranes and membrane processes are a natural part of all cells, including cells in our bodies, and they have, for a long time, offered an effective and environmental approach to removing all unwanted components from water, i.e. undissolved particles, salts, bacteria, viruses and other dangerous micro-pollutants.

S naším obchodním partnerem, společností HSI com ( konstrukčně spolupracujeme například na vývoji kompletní řady modulárních ultrafiltračních jednotek. Pro vlastní konstrukci využíváme Solid Edge s modulem Xpress Route. Důvodů, proč podporujeme právě ultrafiltraci (UF), je více: In terms of construction, we cooperate with our business partner HSI com (, for example on the development of a complete range of modular ultrafiltration units. For the design itself, we use Solid Edge with the Xpress Route module. There are several reasons why we support ultrafiltration (UF):

  • UF represents a new generation of filtration and is applied as a replacement of conventional filtration media, but with a significantly higher efficiency and stable product quality
  • UF effectively removes bacteria and viruses
  • In combination with other disinfection technology, UF creates a multi-barrier disinfection system strengthening the water hygiene
  • UF maintains all original required water components, including organoleptic properties
  • UF has significantly less space requirements than media filters
  • UF membranes are little prone to fouling
  • UF membranes guarantee reliable operation and long life

By combination of the right technological proposal and intelligent control with a unique design, an extraordinary solution of modular ultrafiltration (UF) was created in both frame and container version. In addition, the combination of UF conventional processes or other membrane processes (nanofiltration – NF, reverse osmosis – RO, electrodialysis etc.) increases the UF potential into so-called integrated units of low-waste or waste-free technologies. These comprehensive technologies can be used for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications (drinking water production, process and utility water production, waste water recycling, pool water recycling, filter media replacement etc.).