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Ultrafiltration is a pressure membrane separation process, which effectively removes particulated substances, turbidity, bacteria and viruses from water. UF represents a new generation of filtration and is applied as a replacement of conventional filtration media, but with a significantly higher efficiency and stable product quality.

In combination with other disinfection processes (dosing of disinfection agents, UV…), it creates so-called multi-barrier system to strengthen the safety and robustness of technological operations to process and recycle water.

We offer MINT®-UF capacity series in the range of 2 – 30 m3/h

Intelligent membrane systems
  • Our ultrafiltration devices MINT®-UF are the most compact unified solution in the market.
  • The units are supplied with an automatic membrane cleaning system and back wash tank.
  • Our units are marked out by their maximum modularity and compactness, while we emphasize the quality and durability of components and operational reliability.
  • While maintaining the standard design, the units allow a number of spatial arrangements, including the possibility of installation in shipping containers from 10".
  • We offer the possibility to select the self-learning IQ-MINT® software and the electronic MINT®-iBOOK servicing book.
  • MINT®- UF units are constructed in 3 design variants, which differ mainly in the unit equipment levels and user comfort:
    E - Ekonomy; S - Standard; P – Premium
Intelligent membrane systems

The most common applications of MINT®-UF:

  • pre-treatment before reverse osmosis,
  • drinking water treatment,
  • water filtration for irrigation,
  • pool filtration,
  • recycling of washing water from sand filters,
  • treatment of process waters and solutions,
  • recycling of treated municipal water - tertiary treatment,
  • see Applications for more.

More information about MINT®- UF frame units can be found in the technical data sheet (PDF).

If you are interested, enter your request via info@newwatergroup.cz or

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